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Club Delville

The Delville Club is the first European interim managers structured network. The club counts 350 members of excellence in Europe, justifying a 20 years of experience in large international companies.

Club Delville Membership:

Chief executive – Chief Financial Officer – Human Resources Director – Social Relations Director – Chief Operating Officer – Operations Director – Supply Chain Director – Chief Information Officer – Purchasing Director – General Manager – Marketing Director – Company Secretary – also executive coaches, judicial administrators, investment funds and lawyers.

Increased value for our clients and our transition managers

Providing a real support to the Firm, the Club is the guarantor of our service quality.

Club members provide ad hoc advice and expertise to other members on assignment and may be involved in a supporting role. Every interim executive belonging to Club Delville benefits from the support of two or three other members whom he can call on as required throughout the assignment.

Far from feeling isolated, our interim executives can count on the support of their fellow-members in case of difficulty. In this way, the Club provides a service to each of Delville Management’s clients.

Joining the Club involves a vetting process to ensure that our high standards are maintained:

  • Being co-opted by a Club member
  • Two interviews by Delville Management
  • A third interview by another Club member
  • Systematic reference checks

Would you like to join the Club? Apply filling up the form:

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Attach your resume

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